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This is the most important area, a list of all the transactions of a specified month (default is the current one, but it can be changed with the links below or the dropdown boxes).

In the center you have the transaction’s list itself with a table for account with one row for each transaction detail.

The first column is the description followed by the amount, the running balance, the date of the transaction and the tags associated with it.


In actions column, there is a dropdown that let you work with every single transaction.


Finally it can appear a icon if any tag in your transaction has related tips or threads and clicking it you can view the details.


Before all rows there are checkboxes that allow you edit and delete the selected rows at same time.


The headers of the table lets you sort transactions for the field you want.

First clicking a field you sort results by ascendant for this field and then if you click the same field you sort results by descendant.

An arrow represents current sorting:


Foreseen transactions (future ones) are displayed in light gray.

After the transaction list there are three navigation links that helps you out to browse the different months' data. At the center you have always the "Current month" link to come back to the actual month and also the previous & next month with the current entered transactions number.

At the bottom there is some balance info: First the global month data, what you'll have at the end of the month (actual + foressens) and next to it there is another box showing the Detailed current and foreseen balance with splitted expenses & income values..


This page has some other sections to interactuate:

Account list


You have all the accounts you've created listed on the right column. Click on each account name to start working with it.

Tag list


Below the account list there is another box showing the tag list. There you have all the current working project's tags followed by its respective balance. You can click on each tag to display all the transactions tagged with it.

Search transactions


There you can input some text and click on the search button to perform the search. All transaction’s description fields matching the given text will be shown on the main area. If there are too many results only the 30 first transactions will appear, as well as a message suggesting you to broaden your search.



You can do simple operations with it, such as converting currency values and insert the result amount as a new transaction with just one-click.

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