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To register a new user go to the signup page ( and fill in the form as shown below:

Sign up form
Sign up form

The username must be an alphanumeric string up to 15 characters. Then you have to enter the same password twice (on Password and Repeat password fields) to ensure you entered the correct one.

Email is required. Our legal department has advised us to ask for it, as we need a way to communicate important things like changes on the Terms and conditions and such.

The address you submit is not public and not accessible to spam bots, and it won't be used for any other purpose than giving notices from us.

In case you didn't have any you can get one for free from many different providers such as gmail or yahoo.

Next on the configuration section choose your language and currency. If you want to receive mailing from us, check the Receive mailing from us checkbox. Please read our privacy policy for further information.

Finally you have to enter the code shown (this code is used to prevent automatic registrations), and then check the checkbox to agree with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

If there are any errors on the signup process (e.g: the username is already chosen) you'll see an error message explainig the causes, otherwise you are a moneytrackin’ user.

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