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[edit] Dashboard

The monthly balance plot shows the balance evolution of the current selected accounts over the last 12 months.


It agrupes all the incomes and expenses for each month and you can choose the accounts to see clicking the arrow like in dashboard chart.

[edit] Tags pie chart

This generates tags pie charts from the choosen accounts (you can choose accounts clicking the arrow of the first chart) and grouping the results by tag.


We show only the ten most relevant tags from the user tagcloud (either expenses or incomings), then we group the rest into “other expenses” and “other incomings” and print them also on the chart.

The charts are flash-based, and you can interact with them in many ways.

You can also specify a date range or leave the fields empty to get the whole picture


[edit] Compare tags

For comparing tags you have to implement the form choosing accounts and the tags to compare and the dates for making comparation.

When you send form if all goes well you see the day accomulated from each account.


The chart shows the daily balance (accomulated amount) for each entered tag. In the first day of the comparation the value from all tags is the value for that day or 0 on all accounts, so you can compare the movements from this date easily.

[edit] Download report

First of all you have to fill the information on a form choosing accounts, entering the desired time range and choose wether if you want to display the graphics on the report and if you want to show only income, only expenses or both. Finally choose in which format do you want to receive the report and you'll download it when you click on the "Accept" button.


Once generated it'll look like this:


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