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By clicking on the clock icon (ico_clock.gif) located on the toolbar you can manage the existing periodic transactions, as well as add new ones.


When you see the transactions the actions that you can do are on the right of the screen:


You can preview, edit and delete the existing periodic transactions, as well as add new ones.

Creating/Editing a recurrent transaction

To add a new periodic transaction you can click on 'ico_clockadd.gif Add new periodic transaction' to open the form.


On the above example we are entering all transactions of a car loan at once, consisting on 36 payments of $469 arriving every 1st day of the month starting on July 13th 2007.

Apart from the standard transactions fields (description,amount,tags) we can play with different setups in order to configure when the transactions will be exactly entered:

  • Start date: When will our periodic transaction start.
  • End on: When to finish the recurrent transaction. We can choose between an end date or finish after x times.
  • Frequency: When to repeat the transaction. It can be every x days, every weekday (every monday, every tuesday, ...) or we can select any day of the month with the On month's day tab.

At any time you can see the current configuration on a calendar by clicking on 'View calendar preview ico_calendar_view_day.gif '

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