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There are three accepted formats: the Moneytrackin Excel one, CSV, QIF and Norma 43. The first one is used to reinsert all transactions exported from moneytrackin’.

CSV is quite an ‘open’ format. It’s aim is to let you import batch files from banks or other sources into your moneytrackin’ account.

QIF is the Intuit Quicken native format. Quicken is a widely used offline personal finance manager. Moneytrackin' accepts Qif 99 files and QIF files in his 2001 version.

Finally Norma 43 (also known as Cuaderno 43) is a widely used financial format in Spain. Most of spanish bank allow their customers to download his financial data in this format, and as we are spaniards we’re very proud to support it.

Once your file has been uploaded you will need to match the columns with the respective fields contained on them, as shown on the image below.


In the end a message informs you the result from the import


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