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The purpose of the Dashboard is to allow you to keep a quick, ongoing glance at your overall finances through an easy display, as well as providing some useful info to you.

On the top there is a graph that shows your balance at each month for all your accounts (there is an arrow in the right, when you click on it you can choose the accounts you want to see in this graph).


Choosing accounts:


On the left side there is the summary, where you can see the list of all your accounts and their current balance (the amount in the accounts at today). If you had projects on different currencies the total value will be calculated converting all balances to your default currency for an easier understanding.


In the bottom there is a post-it like for taking notes, when you click on it you can change it’s text.


On the right side there are the latest Tips for you, the latest entered tips matching your spending habits (there are tips that have at least one tag that you used in your transactions).


Return to Dashboard tab
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