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These are the settings of your account.

You can set an avatar to your account and choose the part to display if it's biger than 80x80 pixels.


You can also set your location (there is no need to put the street, we recommend only putting the city and country for increment your privacy).


This lets the sistem search tips/threads near you.

The e-mail configuration:


You can choose to receive mailing from moneytrackin' or not (this let us send a monthly letter to you telling your new tips/threads that can be relevant to you by your tags).

If you check for the reminder future transactions, you'll receive a summary e-mail containing all transactions that will occur on the next couple of days.

The operating via e-mail feature is for inserting transactions via e-mail, that will be very handy for all those brackberry / mobile email users out there.

Each user has an unique and easy-to-remember random email address showd up on this window. These address should be kept private, and it can be regenerated at any time if you think that someone does also know it clicking the “Regenerate” button.

For the use see: “making a request via e-mail” section.

You can set the language for the aplication when you login and your default currency for the “main” project.


You can also change your password, change your some of your calendar settings and set a signature for your tips/threads comments.


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