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[edit] Tips for you

All of the tips are integrated into the personal accounting tool, and the system offers the information for saving money according to the member's geographic location and the transactions included in the tool.

For example, if the member has a monthly expense for the gym tracked in moneytrackin', she will receive tips related to saving money in gym fees in her city or neighbourhood.


In the left of the page you view your related tips paginated. This tips have at least one tag that you have used in your transactions and can help you on saving money.

If you have enter your location on the user configuration, in the right side of the page, you have local tips near of you. Local tips are tips associated to a place.

If there are no tips for you of any kind there appears one message encouraging you to enter new tips for help others to save money.

[edit] Browse tips


On the left there are the most popular tips (the most viewed). And on the right there are latest tips. If you click on the title of "Popular tips:" or "Latest tips:" you can view all the tips paged.

On the bottom there is a form for quick searching tips.


[edit] Search tips


This is a form for searching tips using some parameters. The search modifiers are optional and they can be used to accurate more the search.

[edit] Add tip / local tip

These options lets you enter tips for help the people saving money.

All tips must be tagged to relate to user's transactions.


You have to fill a little form and you can help other people saving money (and other people can help you same way).

If you click on local tip (as in the example) you have to enter the tip location and this tip will be refered to some georeferenced place and only refers to people that are located near it or search near this place. For example, you can check for the cheapest gas station in their city or town.

[edit] Your profile

Is the only page that has tabs into tabs.


In this page you can see your contributions to the community. You can view the tips, threads and comments that you have entered, the times they have been voted favorited, and some user data like the date you have created account and your rating (the rating is based on a mathematic formula that scores up community contributions, friend invites sent, fauvorited content and many other parameters).

[edit] Message board

This lets you create, browse and search threads.


Use right menĂº for thread options.

Threads are like tips but they are a message board. Unlike tips, conversations can be tagged or not and cann't be associated to a place.

You can, for example, ask for how to save money on some situation and maybe another user can help you.

You can also ask for improvements on moneytrackin' on the "How would you improve moneytrackin'?" thread.

However, for things more precise, we prefer to contact us since the contact form or via e-mail. Via Email you can attach images that can sometimes help us a lot understanding what the users want.

[edit] Invite


A new Invite friends tool where you can tell your friends to join Moneytrackin' community and start saving money!

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