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moneytrackin' API provides methods for developers to embed our data into their own applications, for example in a smartphone app or a PDA.

You can also use our new REST API

Here you can find a list of all the applications built on our API: http://blog.moneytrackin.com/api-third-party-apps/

[edit] USAGE

The wsdl endpoint for our SOAP API is http://www.moneytrackin.com/api/wsdl/ or https://www.moneytrackin.com/api/wsdl/ if you want to use secure http.

Important notes:

  • This API is still under development, so the methods could change without notice. Visit this page for updated info
  • It's based on SOAP & WSDL standards
  • All passwords must be sent to the server encrypted with the MD5 algorithm
  • Please wait at least one second between queries. There isn't any restriction yet, but we'll take measures in case of abuse (like banning you or adding a license key for developers).

Available methods:

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